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On behalf of the Aaniiih Nakoda College Board of Directors, staff and faculty, I welcome you to our campus. Over this past year many decisions were made to benefit all peoples on our campus. As you read your 2020-2021 student catalog, I will have retired and you will be welcoming a new President who will continue to guide you through academic challenges.

My retirement comes after twenty-eight years of service to you, the students and to our communities. These past years' events have filled me with gratitude that I was a small part of your lives and was able to provide our college community with my leadership. Through the years I was a part of ANC milestones: accreditation, cultural college name changes, campus expansion, new innovative academic programs, the opening and success of the White Clay Language Immersion School, and many more events and progress. I have witnessed so many ANC graduates that have gone on and completed advanced educational degrees and now they are leaders in our communities.

We are all living in a time where unprecedented historical world events are now a part of our everyday lives. I urge you to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. I encourage you to complete your educational goals and come back to your community and be a leader. Thank you so much for being a part of my life as well. I have learned so much from your achievements and challenges and I will continue to support all of you from my front porch.

Good luck and take care,

Carole Falcon-Chandler
President (2001-2020)
Dean of Student Affairs (1992-2001)

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