ANC MIS Department

What are you having problems with? Choose below to troubleshoot some of the most common technical problems.

We have experienced viruses here at FBC. Most all viruses, 95%, are coming through email. These viruses damage your computer systems and anyone else you send emails to. If you think you have a virus or do have a virus please contact the MIS department as soon as possible. The sooner we can correct the problem and anyone else, the sooner you can get back to what you need to do.

Email – What to look for

  • Email from someone you don’t know.
  • A weird saying in the subject box.
  • Attachments
  • Program attachments are most likely to have viruses.

What to Do?

  1. Stop what you are doing and contact the MIS department.
  2. Document everything you’ve done before and after.
  3. Wait for the MIS personnel to arrive before you do anything else.

This is one of the most frequent problems as MIS and ISS we have on a daily basis. Below is a checklist for you to check before you call the MIS Department.

What to Do?

  1. Is the printer on?
  2. Does the printer have paper in it?
  3. Did you pick the right printer from the printer list?

What to Do?

  1. Restart Computer
  2. Log back in
  3. Check cable
  4. Check if light is flashing on network card on the back of the computer
Name Version Downloads File Size Download
Name Version Downloads File Size Download
1.0 203 downloads 63.2 MB Download
1.0 202 downloads 21.9 MB Download
1.0 189 downloads 15.1 MB Download
1.0 195 downloads 29.2 MB Download
1.0 203 downloads 17.6 MB Download
1.0 200 downloads 29.3 MB Download
1.0 199 downloads 85 MB Download
1.0 201 downloads 32.8 MB Download
1.0 195 downloads 32.8 MB Download
1.0 188 downloads 20.5 MB Download
1.0 205 downloads 15 MB Download
1.0 179 downloads 7.6 MB Download
1.0 202 downloads 22 MB Download
1.0 190 downloads 4.9 MB Download
1.0 199 downloads 11 MB Download
1.0 207 downloads 1.8 MB Download
1.0 189 downloads 18 MB Download
1.0 191 downloads 4.1 MB Download
1.0 186 downloads 36.1 MB Download
1.0 183 downloads 11.3 MB Download

Manager of Info Systems

Harold Heppner
(406) 353-2607 ext. 308

Computer Specialist

Justin Moore
(406) 353-2607 ext. 303

Network/E-Learning Specialist

Joseph Patrick Wertz
(406) 353-2607 ext. 307

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